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In spring, in summer, and in fall, the stars of classical music – famous orchestras, legendary conductors, and accomplished soloist from all over the world – gather at one of Switzerland’s most idyllic spots for a celebration of classical music.

Their ballroom is the “Salle blanche”: With its phenomenal acoustics and its exquisite architecture, Jean Nouvel’s concert hall is the perfect venue for the star cast on stage and its diverse and appreciative audience. Some 110’000 guests travel to Lucerne every year to listen to music, played in the way it was intended by its creators. All musicians invest their skill and passion. They make it easy for listeners to follow them into sound spheres, and lead them away from their hectic daily routine. For 85 years now, Lucerne Festival has offered such brief but delightful escapes from everyday life.

Lucerne Festival
August 13 – September 15, 2024

Lucerne Festival

Hirschmattstrasse 13


CH-6002 Luzern


Phone: +41 (0)41 226 44 80



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